get ready
for bardzo 

bardzo, the Felt Instruments grand piano plugin is coming out on april 28th. there won’t be an intro sale - instead, i’m doing a special loyalty offer for current felt instruments users. read on to learn more!

one of a kind

bardzo sounds like nothing else out there. two strings per key (as opposed to three in a standard grand), no resonance board, a smaller, less resonant body. Intimate, bold. Different.

If you’re looking for a posh concert hall experience, look elsewhere.
almost a year in the making, the piano was sampled humanly in great detail using unobtanium, mostly valve gear made between 1940 and 1969.

and beautiful sustains are just a tip of an iceberg. there’s a range of creative preparations, ranging from felt to marxophone rods. All with multiple round robins.
and yes, the afterglows are here, too! Experience four bold patches, crafted entirely in the analogue domain. MPE-compatible, ready to inspire.

these are the dirtiest afterglow patches yet, combining amps, granular processing and vintage test equipment.


starting this week, the plugins will be available in vst3, audio unit and aax formats. The whole range will work natively on Apple m1 chips and will support both macOS (10.11 or newer) and windows (64-bit only with hosts capable of loading vst3 or aax plugins).

how does 
this work?

once bardzo is out, you’ll get a personal discount code based on the number of qualifying instruments you own at that time.

The loyalty offer will end on midnight cest, may 15th.

How loyalty discounts work?
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Regular price
129 GBP*

* ex-vat


if you have all of the following:
helenko, lekkoblisko violin, viola and cello

or all of the following: helenko, lekko and blisko lite

30% off

if you have both helenko and lekko
20% off

if you have helenko
15 % off

if you have lekko
8% off

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