A unique set of half-speed piano samples, taken from my intimate piano library, Lekko. Recorded to tape and sampled at half-speed for some slow-motion wobble and vibe.

Half-speed glory

Some people say everything tastes better when you slow down a little. This patch was created using a technique where the original material was recorded onto tape and then sampled at half speed. 

The result? The attacks are softened, the sustains extened. The sound is darker, dusty and wobbly. The slower you play it, the more prominent the effect is.
This unique set of samples includes a half-speed version of amazing soft sustains featured in my fragile piano library, Lekko. Printed onto a worn tape using an Uher portable tape recorded, this beautiful, somewhat lo-fi sound will surely bring a nice texture to your works. 

And best of all - it’s free. No strings attached.

Want to learn more?
Download the manual.

So what will you get?
- VST / AU plugin for both Mac OS and Windows.
- Half-speed piano sustains with 5x RR (repetition samples) per sampled note.
- Key release samples, recorded across the entire keyboard (5xRR).
- 159MB (loselessly compressed from 343MB original content).
- Beautiful, Retina-ready interface inspired by 20th century avant-garde design.
- Lifetime free updates.
- Individually watermarked to you.
- Download via the Pulse app.