Where should I keep the samples?

When downloading the sample pool in Pulse, it’s best practice to download the samples to the folder you want to keep them at. You can keep the sample pool wherever you want, but here are a few tips to consider, starting with the most important ones:

→ Don’t store the files on your Desktop or any folder syncing to the cloud.
Both Windows and Mac might automatically sync the files on your Desktop to the cloud, which will make them not available for the plugin to load.

→ Avoid keeping the files in the Downloads folder.
Or any other folder that you might accidentally empy ;-)

→ Make sure that the folder containing the samples is not syncing to the cloud.
This might cause the samples to magically disappear or stop them from being streamed by the plugin.

→ Keep the samples in a folder that’s not used by the system.
This might restrict an access to them. On a Mac, the Library is an example of a system-reserved folder. On Windows, it’s everything in the Program Files. It’s best to avoid these and keep the sample pool eslewhere.

→ Use the fastest hard drive you have available.
The samples are optimized for streaming, so if you have an SSD drive at hand, it’s a perfect candidate.