Do you offer trial versions?

Yup! There’s a free demo available to download at each of the plugin’s pages. Demos have limitations that the full versions don’t, like occasional silence or limited automation possibilities.

As most other companies creating sample-based instruments, I don’t offer trial versions. There are, however, unprocessed playthroughs of each of the patches available on the instruments’ pages as well as detailed patch descriptions in the manuals, which you can find at the bottom of the ‘What makes it different’ boxes at the instruments’ pages.

Most instruments were also covered extensively by real-world users. If you’d like to hear what they came up with, YouTube and Instagram are a nice place to visit.

Being a one-man company, it’s impossible financially to offer meaningful instrument demos. To do that, I’d have to let you download multiple patches, which would in turn force me to up the prices on all instruments to compensate for the data transfer costs. I’d rather keep the pricing friendly.