The plugin crashes when loading sounds

If the instrumen crashes when you change articulations, it’s most likely that the sample pool wasn’t downloaded completely.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of the plugin before proceeding.

If there’s a small cloud icon displayed by the file name, it means it was synced to cloud and the plugin won’t be able to stream it. Either download the samples from the cloud or re-download them in Pulse.

To prevent this:
Please, don’t store the samples on the Desktop or other folder that might sound to cloud.

 One last check before we go:
Please, make sure you’re not storing the samples in a system-reserved folder. This might restrict the plugin’s access to the files and break things.

 To fix this:
1. Make sure that the size of the sample pool is the same as stated on the product’s website. You can see this listed under the Plugin tab on each of the instruments’ websites, by the bottom of the page.
2A. First, check the size of the folder. If it’s different than what’s listed under the Plugin tab as described above, please, download the latest version of Pulse.
2B. If the size is as described, but inside the folder there’s a collection of .rar archives or all files sizes are zero, please, download the latest version of Pulse.
3. Open Pulse.
4. Right-click (if you’re on a Mac and don’t have the right mouse button, this may be mapped to either a double-finger tap or click while holding the option key) on the cover image of the instrument you’d like to re-download.
6. Select “Delete” and confirm.
7. Click on “Install” to download the samples again.
8. Follow the steps as described here to locate the samples inside the plugin.

If the download is still incomplete after updating Pulse:
Please, get in touch with the Pulse team directly.

If the plugin still crashes or samples were downloaded properly:
Send me an email and I’m sure we’ll be able to solve it!