Sampling philosophy

When humans perform music, no two notes sound exactly the same. Why try to change that?

All Felt Instruments libraries are based around a philosophy that music should be about getting the feel right, rather than creating a perfect, airbrushed version of sound. 

I don’t select only the best takes. I don’t strive to make every note in every dynamic consistent. I leave in the performance noises. After all, humans are not machines and - believe it or not - they actually breathe and move during the recording!

And they don’t make everything exactly the same twice. And that’s why I think we invite them to perform our music in the first place. To bring that human touch.
Also, I don’t noise reduce the samples to death. So yes, some hiss is present. But so is the air and texture.

Of course, there are downsides to that approach. Some notes may be quieter or louder than you’d expect. Sometimes a bow makes a certain noise on a string. Sometimes t he timing might be slightly off. I do, however, believe that the resulting sound is way more realistic and characterful, than with ‘perfectly’ sampled libraries.

If this approach is something you feel is close to your heart, go ahead and explore the catalogue!