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the legend

The year is 1957. In a small country in Eastern Europe, a new studio opens. In a few years, it becomes a symbol of artistic freedom, unheard-of in the communist block.
It also just happens to be one of the very first experimental music studios in the world. They even make dub techno, before it’s recognized as a genre.
This is the Polish Radio’s Experimental Studio. and it’s where this filter came from - And I mean this both literally and philosophically.

the filter

the legendary W49 Hörspielverzerrer, which rysy captures faithfully, consists of two filter bands - a low pass and a high pass - and an additional control, which changes the intensity of filtering.
it’s a sound design instrument in its own right. use it to shape the texture of your tracks. Add movement to static sounds. Or just add a bit of the 50s valve magic to everything because simply inserting it onto a track makes a difference.
being passive, it was designed to be followed with a v41 tube preamp. Rysy captures that exact signal chain and brings it to your studio. Past to future. Future to past. whatever the direction, it really sounds like nothing else.

What makes it different?

While most filters on the market emulate three of the most popular synthesizer filters, Rysy takes a different approach. It captures an extremely rare (up to a point of being unobtanium) filter created in the 1950s and used in the most famous electro-acoustic music studios of the time.

However, it’s not only the sound that’s unique. The filter bands are stepped and are not really meant to be automated (turning the knobs creates a short period of silence), so you can’t sweep them like on your standard synth. Some of you might see it as a limitation, but it’s something that forces you to approach things differently.

You might set your cutoff points first and then animate things with the Intensity knob. Or find your own way around it. After all - it’s the explorer’s filter. Don’t approach it like something that’s supposed to be standard.

So, long story short - it’s not yet another filter to sweep your phat sawtooth with. And it’s got vibe for days. actually, it sounds great on sawtooths. But that’s a whole other story.

And in the true Felt spirit, you can dial in some tasty noise for that authentic analogue vibe. And yes, the noise is sampled from the hardware.

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