long story short: I don’t do sales, personal discounts or special artist deals. I do, however, care about people who’re using the instruments.

First of all, I don’t think it’s fair for existing customers to offer the instruments at a lower price after a certain period of time. I do my best to price the instruments in a reasonable way.
I believe in supporting existing customers. That’s why with every purchase you make at Felt, new related instruments will be cheaper for you once they’re released. Just make sure to subscribe to the newsletter after the purchase so I can let you know.

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If you’re a student or educator, there’s a 25% edu discount on individual instruments.

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And here’s
a sentimental reason why:

A few years ago, I had a discussion with my grandfather. He must have been in his 70’s and I just got my first mobile phone.  he was paying about twice as much as I was. We were on the same network. The reason was simple - I was a new customer. He wasn’t.
This resonated with me deeply and I promised myself that if I’m going to start a company one day, I will approach things differently. That I would favour people who put trust in me and my work. After all - these people are the reason I’m still here.
Fast forward a few years and Felt Instruments was born. The promise is kept.