Optimizing performance

The performance of the plugins depends on the speed of your hard drive, your CPU, the drivers of your audio interface and the performance of other plugins you’re using in the project.

if you’re getting unexpected dropouts in audio, please, follow the steps below.

→ Note:
Make sure you’re using the latest version of the plugin before proceeding.

if you’re getting dropouts when bouncing in ableton:
please, see this article for help.

Note for Logic users:
There’s a known bug in Logic (not related to Felt Instruments, by the way), which might cause random dropouts in streamed or bounced audio. For some reason, disabling and enabling Core Audio in the preferences seems to help.

Set the sample streaming mode to match your drive:
1. Click on the FELT INSTRUMENTS text located on the top right corner of the plugin’s interface.
2. you’ll see two options for streaming, located on the middle-right part of the interface. When set to Drive, the plugin will consume less RAM but the performance will depend on the speed of your drive. When set to RAM, it will be less dependant on your drive, but more ram hungry.

These settings apply to each instance of the plugin. This allows you to optimize your sessions as you go, without having to commit to one of the streaming modes for good.

Check your buffer settings:
Open your DAW’s preferences and select a buffer that would be less taxing on your CPU and audio drivers. 128 is a nice place to start but you might want to experiment with this setting to see how it affects the performance on your system.

Move the samples to a faster hard drive:
If you have a few hard drives in your system, it’s best to keep the samples on the fastest available.

Close the web browser.

 on instruments, turn the echo and reverb to 0:
this will bypass the effects and by doing so, remove the only part of the plugins that’s really taxing on the cpu. the performance will still depend on your ram and hard drive, but the cpu cycles will be saved for other plugins and processes.

Freeze unused tracks and effects:
Some plugins, especially those that are sample-based may put a lot of strain on your hard drive. Freezing some of these tracks may improve the performance of your session. Please, consult your DAW’s manual on how to freeze tracks.