Loyalty discounts

The reason I’m not doing sales is because I don’t feel they’re fair for early adopters. I really appreciate your support and I spent some time thinking about how to support you back. That's why with each new release, you’ll get a personal discount on the newly released instrument (not the back catalogue) based on related instruments you already own.

The loyalty offers are always time limited and subject to change. If the terms change for some reason, you’ll get an info with the updated details.

Please, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter using the link you got after the purchase. I won’t be able to email you otherwise.

When is the discount calculated?
The idea is to give something extra to the current users rather than trying to lure new customers in. This is why the discount amount is calculated when the instrument is released. So, to keep things simple to understand:

You will get a discount code if:
You’ve purchased some of the Felt Instruments BEFORE the instrument that the discount would be applied to is released.

Ok, but what if...
So, a new instrument was released, it’s currently on intro pricing and existing customers got their personal discount codes. You decide to purchase some of the back catalogue and then send a friendly email asking for a discount on the new instrument.

In this case, I’m afraid you won’t get one at this point becasue - as mentioned earlier - the idea is to support people who were using other Felt plugins before the instrument was introduced. Don’t worry, though - you’ll get your discount code with the next release!

When are the codes sent?
The discount codes will be emailed as soon as a new instrument is released.

Since the loyalty discounts work on new releases only, they don’t apply to the back catalogue.

Note 2:
The value of the discount will be announced on per-instrument basis and is likely to vary.

Note 3:
Loyalty discounts don’t stack with edu discounts.