Logic 9

If you’re getting dropouts in audio:
1. There’s a known bug in Logic (not related to Felt Instruments, by the way), which might cause random dropouts in streamed or bounced audio. For some reason, disabling and enabling Core Audio in the preferences seems to help.
2. If it doesn’t, please, see this guide.

If you can’t see the plugin in Logic 9 on macOS, please follow these steps:

Make sure you’re running Logic in 64-bit mode. If your system and / or Logic don’t support 64-bit, the plugins won’ work.

To enable the plugin in Apple Logic 9:
1. Restart the computer after the installation finishes.
2. The plugin will appear on your Logic plugin list under Felt Instruments.

It’s important to note that third-party plugins don’t appear in the Logic’s instruments library. To insert an instrument onto a track, load it as a plugin as shown below.

Still not there?
1. Click on the Logic Pro text on the top bar. Select Perferences > Plug-In Manager.
2. Locate the plugin you’d like to enable. You can search by Felt Instruments on the left column.
3. Select the plugin you’d like to enable and choose “Reset & Rescan Selection“.
4. Restart your computer.
5. The plugin will appear in your Logic instrument browser under Felt Instruments.

It’s listed in the Plugin Manager but you still can’t load it?
Just to be sure that you’re loading the plugin onto a stereo track (it doesn’t work in mono!), add a new track by clicking on the + button...

...and set the track outs to 1 + 2. You should see the instrument listed as shown below: