character piano

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a fragile sound

This is not your standard, polished piano plugin. Sampled humanly from a small Scandinavian upright (missing the bottom octave), it has a very warm and intimate tone. If you loved Nils Frahm’s Felt, you’ll love Lekko, too.
Besides the soft sustains, you’ll also get characterful shorts (going from a hand-muted sound to full ringing) and irregular, unsynced tremolos, allowing you to create organic swirl of notes based on the chords you play.
Both sustains and shorts have 5 repetition samples per every sampled note so every time you hit a key, the sound changes subtly. This adds a lot to the realism of the instrument, not only when playing repeating patterns.

the afterglow

the acoustic part is complimented by the afterglow patches, created by processing the recordings with rare vintage hardware and tape.
it’s a collection of bespoke patches that evoke that dusty, analogue vibe, ranging from fragile and soft to dirty remains of the original signal.
all of the processing happened in the analogue domain. the result is a striking balance between progressive sound design and classic warmth.