Some of the Felt Instruments libraries are recorded with a bit of ‘air’ before the note is produced. Before you hear a note on a piano, for example, you can also hear the finger touching the key, the key being pressed and the hammer moving towards the string.

Most sample libraries are edited in a way that removes these extra sounds, but I feel they add to the realism of the instrument.

To adjust the response of the instrument:
1. When you open the plugin, you’ll see the main interface with knobs and shapes.
2. Look for a knob labelled “Tightness”.
3. While pressing the key on your keyboard repetitively, adjust the knob to find the balance between pre-note ‘air’ and tightness that fits to your liking.

not all instruments have this feature. refer to the instrument’s handbook to find if it’s there.
The knob’s range is tweaked so that you can actually trim a bit too much into the sample. This is done on purpose and can be used creatively, but just keep in mind that you should use your ears to adjust it.

If the latency is still noticable...
...then it’s not about the plugin. Please, open your DAW’s preferences and check the buffer settings. The larger the buffer value, the more latency there will be.

Not all instruments have this feature.