Some of the Felt Instruments libraries are recorded with a bit of ‘air’ before the note is produced. Before you hear a note on a piano, for example, you can also hear the finger touching the key, the key being pressed and the hammer moving towards the string.

Most sample libraries are edited in a way that removes these extra sounds, but I feel they add to the realism of the instrument.

To adjust the response of the instrument:
1. When you open the plugin, you’ll see the main interface with knobs and shapes.
2. Look for a knob labelled “Tightness”.
3. While pressing the key on your keyboard repetitively, adjust the knob to find the balance between pre-note ‘air’ and tightness that fits to your liking.

The knob’s range is tweaked so that you can actually trim a bit too much into the sample. This is done on purpose and can be used creatively, but just keep in mind that you should use your ears to adjust it.