What makes it different?

Sometimes a well-tried combination of instruments works great. But sometimes, your score needs something a little more special and... quirky.

I think that the Guitaret is one of such things. It sounds familiar, yet lovingly strange. It will bring a lot of individuality to every song or fill the shoes of a music box in your next trap masterpiece without sounding cliché.

And when plucking or hitting the tines with felted mallets isn’t what the doctor ordered, turn to one of the Afterglow patches and explore textures you won’t find anywhere else.

And yes, there is noise, because - contrary to what we’re made to believe - it’s there where you record stuff. If you were wondering why most sampled instruments sound like liquid plastic, this is it - noise reduction sucks the tone and life away. If you hate noise, I’m sure there are other instruments that will fit your needs better.

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