Installing a free plugin on a Mac

Unlike commercial Felt Instruments plugins, free instruments don’t download via Pulse. To grab the installer, just click on the link you got in an email after submitting your request and download from there.

Felt Instruments are presented as plugins. A common misconception is that since they’re sample-based, they run in Kontakt. They don’t. If you need help loading an instrument into your DAW, please, see this support section.

 Locating samples:
When loading the plugin for the first time, you will be asked to locate the folder containing the samples. When asked, please, do as the window suggests and select the folder containing the samples. Don’t click on the .ch1 files. Select the folder that they are stored in.
Please, see this guide if you need furhter help.

If you’re a Logic user:
If you’re installing the plugin for use in Logic, please, restart the computer after the setup is finished.