Installing on Windows

Unlike commercial Felt Instruments plugins, free instruments don’t download via Pulse. To grab the installer, just click on the link you got in an email after submitting your request and download from there.

Felt Instruments are presented as plugins. A common misconception is that since they’re sample-based, they run in Kontakt. They don’t. If you need help loading an instrument into your DAW, please, see this support section.

The installer:
Follow the steps to setup the instrument. if your system is 32-bit, install the 32-bit version. If it’s 64-bit, install the 64-bit one.

Make sure that the Samples (required!) are selected in the installer. This option is available at the same screen that lets you choose which plugin formats to install. It’s on by default, just please, don’t uncheck that ;-)

Please, make sure you’re installing the plugins to a folder that’s linked to your DAW. You can see which one it is by opening your DAW’s preferences and looking for a VST folder there.