Installing on Windows

Before installing the plugins, please, make sure you’re running the latest version of Pulse. You can grab it here.

 To setup the plugin on Windows:
1. Open the Pulse app.
2. Click on Add a Product, enter the code you got in the order confirmation e-mail. Select Redeem. Choose where to install the samples. It’s important to understand that Pulse will download two bits - the sample pool (this is what you’re installing now) and the plugin that plays them. You now choose where to install the samples. The plugin will be installed automatically at a later step.

Do not download the samples to the Program Files, your desktop or the downloads folder. Please, see this guide to make sure you’re downloading to a correct location.

3. Pulse will now download the samples and the installer. After the download is finished, a setup program will automatically open.

If the installer wasn’t automatically opened after the Pulse download finished, please, get in touch with the Pulse team directly. They’re very friendly and should help you out in no time.

4. once you’ve clicked through the installer, you’re done with the setup. Have fun!