How to install

Before installing the plugins, please, make sure you’ve also downloaded the samples.

Then, run the installers and follow the steps below:

 If you’re a Mac user:
1. Run the .pkg file you’ve downloaded from the installation page.
2. Follow the steps to setup the instrument.
3. If you click on “Change Install Location”, you’ll see this window:

4. Please, click on the highlighted option that says “Install for me only”. Due to the plugin architecture, the install location can’t be changed.
5. If you’re installing the plugin for use in Logic, please, restart the computer after the setup is finished.

If you’re a Windows user:
1. Extract the archive with the installer you’ve downloaded from the installation page.
2. Run the .exe file you extracted.
3. Follow the steps to choose the install location and whether you’d like to install the 32-bit or 64-bit plugins.