don’t play it
at the wizard’s party

if there’s a rule of thumb that could be applied to most instruments, it’s that the smaller they are, the more character they have. instead of going for a posh concert sound, helenko captures a rare tabletop celesta made in the usa in the 1930s.
sampled humanly and processed entirely in the analogue domain using tube gear from the 1950s and 60s, it’s ready to become a highlight of your sonic palette. that is, unless you feel like a celesta should be played only with a serious face and white gloves.
to keep it short - there’s no need to add a pile of analogue emulating plugins. the vibe is already there. Multiple round robins and mechanical noises add to a hyper-real feel. if you’re looking for that trentemøller / mogwai / tom waits / björk / radiohead kind of vibe, look no further.