Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions.

I can’t download the library via Pulse (DOESN’T APPLY TO FREE INSTRUMENTS).

Please, get in touch with the Pulse team directly. They’re very friendly and should help you out in no time.

I’ve downloaded the library via Pulse but all I see is a collection of .ch1 files. How can I install the plugin? (DOESN’T APPLY TO FREE INSTRUMENTS).

You’re half-way there! It seems like you’ve downloaded the sample pool, but not the plugin installation files themselves. Please, see the installation page for details.

I’m getting “The sample ***.ch1 wasn’t found“ error.

It seems like you’ve either not downloaded the samples via Pulse or pointed to the wrong folder on the initial plugin load.

Open the plugin window, select the OPTIONS tab (bottom right) and click on the “Change sample folder location”. Choose the exact folder that contains the .ch1 files.

I’ve downloaded the installation file but I can’t find the samples.

Felt Instruments’ libraries require both the plugin installer and a sample pool (the bit you download from Pulse) to run. Please, see your oder confirmation email for details.

I can’t find the plugin on my Mac.

The plugin is installed to the Users Library folder. If you need to find the files, please, open Finder and click on the “Go” tab on the top menu. Select “Go to Folder…” and type in the following:


The Audio Unit plugin is located in the Components folder, while the VST is in (yup, you guessed it!) the VST folder.

I can’t find the plugin in Logic Pro X.

Please, restart your computer after installation.

I can’t find the plugin in Logic 9.

Make sure you’re running Logic in 64-bit mode.

I can’t authorize the AU plugin in Logic.

Most of these problems can be solved by re-scanning the plug-ins from within Logic. Go to the main Logic Pro menu and select Preferences > Plug-In Manager. Scroll down the list on the left and select Felt Instruments. If the plugin is disabled, it’s Use box won’t be set as active.

Select the unavailable plugin and choose Reset & Rescan Selection at the bottom of the window.

I can’t find the plugin in Ableton Live on a Mac.

Open Ableton preferences, navigate to the Plug-ins tab and enable ‘Use VST2 Plug-in System Folders’ option.

I can’t find the plugin in Pro Tools.

Felt Instruments’ plugins don’t support AAX, which is the Pro Tools plugin format. If you want to use Felt Instruments’ plugins in Pro Tools, you can use a third-party VST / AU to AAX wrapper or load it into another DAW and connect that to PT using ReWire.

I’m getting pops and clicks during playback / export.

First, please, make sure you’re using the latest  version of the plugin. Then click on the OPTIONS tab and click on the safe button.

How can I see which version I’m using?

Click on the OPTIONS tab - it’s there :-)

Can I install a Felt Instruments’ library on multiple computers?

Sure! As long as you’re the only user, there’s no problem with that.

What are the terms of use for Felt Instruments’ libraries?

You can find them here.

Are you going to have Black Friday / Christmas / Summer / Winter / Whatever sales?

Nope. But I believe that my libraries are fairly priced to begin with. The only chance to get a library on a discounted price is during the intro sale.

I don’t enjoy a library I purchased. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, all sales are final, as you can’t really return a digital product. If you haven’t downloaded the library yet, please, get in touch.

I don’t like Pulse. Can I download a library without it?

Pulse is the only way to go. If things are not working on your end, I can provide manual download links. Please note, however, that as files are signed with your unique watermark, this might take some time.

How can I re-download the library in Pulse?

Right click on the cover image of the library you’d like to re-download. Select “Delete” and then press “Install” again.

Do your plugins require Kontakt Player?

No, all of the Felt Instruments’ libraries run as standard VST / AU plugins and are not related to Kontakt in any way.

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