Edu discounts

I offer a 25% edu discount on individual products to students and educators. The bundles are excluded as they're already discounted). The discounts are issued on per-purchase basis, but nothing is stopping you from applying for the special pricing again if you’d like to get more instruments at a later time.

to grab the discount:
1) send send me a copy of your student ID or proof of enrollment
2) include info on what you’d like to purchase and I'll set you up. since the discounts are issued per instrument, I need to know what you’d like to get.

Please, allow a few days to process the request. Everything at Felt is done by a single guy and support emails need to be answered first :-)

The student ID has to include your name and expiry date. If there’s no date on your ID, please, provide additional documentation proving that you’re currently enrolled.

Note 2:
Edu discounts and loyalty discounts don’t stack. It’s one or the other.