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dark times

Germany, 1977. in a strange attempt to create a sound that’s between that of a piano and Rhodes, a new instrument is born. It doesn’t sound like either of its inspirations. and that’s the beauty of it.
it’s called the pianet and by the mid 80s, the production ends forever. but now it’s back. sampled humanly through an all-analogue chain of vintage tube and germanium gear, pushed it into a bigger and bolder territory.
dreamy when played softly, crunchy when hit hard. An instant mood setter. Whether you’re after the 70s vibe or want to add interest to your arrangements, Ciemno is bound to become a go-to.

What makes it different?

Instead of sampling the Pianet as-is, I thought: what if I recorded the instrument through a crazy signal chain, transforming it into a thick, dreamy, textural abstractness? And that’s what I did. This instrument is not about documenting the sound of the Pianet. It’s about re-interpreting it with a certain mindset.

I also decided to replace the release triggers (the sound of the keys being released) with samples from Lekko. I felt they sounded cooler than the rubbery ‘ploink’ sound of the real instrument.

And yes, there is noise, because - contrary to what we’re made to believe - it’s there where you record stuff. If you were wondering why most sampled instruments sound like liquid plastic, this is it - noise reduction sucks the tone and life away. If you hate noise, I’m sure there are other instruments that will fit your needs better.

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