How can I change the sample folder location?

Since all Felt Instruments all sample-based, you need to locate the samples for the plugins to work. You can place the samples wherever you want. Here’s how to set them up in the plugins:

 If you want to change the sample folder’s location or have selected a wrong folder during the initial setup:
1. Click on the FELT INSTRUMENTS text located on the top right corner of the plugin’s interface.
2. Select “Choose sample folder”.
3. Choose the folder containing the .ch1 files of the instrument you’re configuring.  Don’t click on the .ch1 files. Select the folder that they are stored in.
4. After you’ve selected the folder, remove the plugin from the track, load it again and enjoy.

if you’ve moved the samples to a different location, I also highly recommend re-locating it in Pulse, too. It will make it possible for the app to install updates for you. Here’s a guide on how to do this. please, see the quick guide under don’t see an update.