Textural viola


Blisko [blʹisko] Viola is the first part of an unique collection of three string libraries that dare to be different. Progressive string textures with a constant sense of motion, captured through amazing analogue kit. A project of love.

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This is not yet another strings library. It’s not designed to be bread-and-butter, nor is it following any zeitgeist. Sampled humanly, it really feels like being in a room with a great player. Or up to three, in fact, because you can control the amount of players with a knob on the interface, going from solo strings to a small band.

Inspired by the works of John Luther Adams, Henryk Górecki, Ben Frost and Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow, even the simplest, softest patches have a sense of constant motion, that gets denser and more emotional as you move through the dynamic layers.  Simply put - play a chord and stuff will happen.
The library was recorded through a beautiful collection of hand-made microphones, going into vintage Neumann, Telefunken and REDD-style tube preamps. The kit was hand-picked for it’s character.

You choose between two close and two room signals and blend between them to your liking. And since we recorded in a dry studio, even the room mics are tight.

Whether you need an instrument to create evocative organic textures or a tool to bring life to your existing string libraries, Blisko has you covered .

It’s not right on the grid. It’s alive.

‘Wonderfully atmospheric
and poetic sounding.’

- Trentemøller

‘Exceptionally useful yet lovingly strange!’

- Hainbach


Evocative patches that never stop moving. You can create custom crossfades between different playing techniques, thanks to the intuitive layers interface.


Explore interesting rhythmic intervals between semi-measured notes. The Cascade function allows you to delay the beginning of a note, per player.

What makes it different?

Other string libraries are recorded in a static way to allow the performance to be recreated using your keyboard. Blisko was recorded so that every note is a performance. The recordings are based on a concept that the performer controls the dynamics in a natural way, while you control the texture and density of the flow. 

There are no standard articulatons, easily found elsewhere. However, it’s not a phrase library and was designed to work in a wider context. You can’t control the vibrato and using the mod wheel won’t make things just louder. There are no hard attacks (with the exception of the ricochets and col legno) and every note has it’s own dynamic. And that’s exactly why it sounds so good.

Each of the players is using a different bowing technique (sul tasto, sul ponticello and con sordino) so you can either go solo and choose between these special bowings or have them all join in for textural variety.

Want to know more?
Download the handbook

Made by friends

Blisko was performed by an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and friend, Marta Zalewska. She played on every single score I produced over the past few years and her incredible sound is what makes this library special. 
During the recording, Marta commented that performing things this soft, with gain set so high, feels like playing under a microscope. I think it’s the perfect description of the tone and if I wasn’t so into minimalism, I’d put it on a poster.

Expression ready

If you own a MPE device, such as the ROLI Seaboard, you can perform the Moments patches using a multi-dimensional polyphonic control, shaping the textures on per-note basis. Standard MIDI controllers are supported as well.


VST / AU / AAX plugin for Windows and macOS (10.11 or newer). Lifetime free updates. Watermarked to you. Downloads with Pulse.

Supports every major DAW like Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio, Studio One, Reaper etc. Mac and Pro Tools versions 64-bit only.
10,1GB installed, twice as much required for download and setup. MPE requires a compatible host.


2xRR, 3 lengths, semi-measured (each note performed at a slightly different speed)
2xRR, 2 lengths, semi-measured (each note performed at a slightly different speed)
Col Legno
5xRR, 1 dynamic layer
3xRR, 1 dynamic layer, random lengths


Supersoft sustains
Pulse sustains
Col legno sustains
Harmonic trills
Harmonic tremolo
Pointillist sustains (pizz)
Pointillist sustains (brushed)
Tremolo bursts
Bow on wood

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