Textural strings


Instantly playable strings ensemble, based on the iconic Blisko Collection. Progressive string textures with a constant sense of motion, captured through amazing analogue kit. A project of love.

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Blisko Lite presents the intimate sound of the Blisko Collection in a more affordable and easy to use package.

Blisko was inspired by the works of John Luther Adams, Henryk Górecki, Ben Frost and Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow.

The focus is on textural writing and extended techniques. And since the ensemble is pre-mapped for you, you don’t need an expert arrangement knowledge to sound great. Instantly create lush, textural string arrangements with a constant sense of motion. Add life to your existing string libraries. Sound different.
The instrument was sampled humanly, so there's no need to program your head off trying to embed life into static samples - it's already there. Simply put: play a chord and stuff will happen.

an intuitive articulation mixer allows you to create custom patches by blending up to three different playing styles. You also control the size of the ensemble - from 1 up to 3 players per section.

The Lite version features most articulations included in the Blisko Collection and 2 out of 4 microphone positions. Click here for a detailed comparison →


Evocative patches that never stop moving. You can create custom crossfades between different playing techniques, thanks to the intuitive layers interface.


Explore interesting rhythmic intervals between semi-measured notes. Natural expression is baked into the samples.


Set the size of your ensemble - from an intimate trio, all the way to a small chamber band with three players per instrument.

Create custom articulations by combining up to three playing techiques and then move through them with the mod wheel.

Craft beautiful textures by offsetting each of the players in time.

‘A goldmine of sonic inspiration.’

- Sound On Sound, read more

‘When it comes to beautiful, human feeling boutique string libraries, Blisko is among the best out there.’

- Sample Library Review, read more

What makes it different?

Other string libraries are recorded in a static way to allow the performance to be recreated using your keyboard. Blisko was recorded so that every note is a performance. You’re not able to control the vibrato or every nuance of the volume curve, the attacks are mostly slow-burning. And that’s why it sounds so good.

Furthermore, it’s designed for textural as opposed to melodic writing. There are no standard articulatons, easily found elsewhere. However, it’s not a phrase library and was designed to work in a wider context.

And yes, there is noise, because - contrary to what we’re made to believe - it’s there where you record stuff. If you were wondering why most sampled instruments sound like liquid plastic, this is it - noise reduction sucks the tone and life away. If you hate noise, I’m sure there are other instruments that will fit your needs better.

Want to know more?
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Made by friends

Blisko was performed by an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and friend, Marta Zalewska. She played on every single score I produced over the past few years and her incredible sound is what makes this library special. 
During the recording, Marta commented that performing things this soft, with gain set so high, feels like playing under a microscope. I think it’s the perfect description of the tone and if I wasn’t so into minimalism, I’d put it on a poster.

Expression ready

The instrument comes pre-mapped for any knobs and sliders so you can get hands-on from the get go. The mapping is kept consistent with the other Felt Instruments’ plugins.

It works great with standard MIDI keyboards, Expressive E Touché and all controllers that have a mod wheel.

If you own a MPE device, such as the ROLI Seaboard, you can perform the Moments patches using a multi-dimensional polyphonic control, shaping the textures on per-note basis.


VST / AU / AAX plugin for Windows and macOS (10.11 or newer). Lifetime free updates. Watermarked to you. Downloads with Pulse.

8,54GB installed, twice as much required for setup. 8 GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required. MPE requires a compatible host.

The plugin supports every major DAW like Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio, Studio One, Reaper etc. Mac and Pro Tools versions 64-bit only.


2xRR, 3 lengths, semi-measured (each note performed at a slightly different speed)
2xRR, 2 lengths, semi-measured (each note performed at a slightly different speed)
3xRR, 1 dynamic layer, random lengths


Supersoft sustains
Pulse sustains
Col legno sustains
Harmonic trills
Pointillist sustains (pizz)
Pointillist sustains (brushed)
Tremolo bursts
Bow on wood

Want two more microphone positions, four additional articulations and extended instrument ranges, giving you the ultimate arrangement possibilities?

Upgrade from the Blisko Lite to Blisko Collection for £135 →