a different
grand piano

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different by design

Bardzo brings a unique grand piano with two strings per key and no resonance board under your fingertips. Bigger than the una corda, more intimate than your standard posh grand. different by design.
The original instrument was Made in small quantities in the 1970s, with a promise of creating a grand piano that could be portable. It still required at least two people to lift it and it sounded like nothing else out there. Today, it’s finally a good thing.
sampled humanly and processed entirely in the analogue domain, using unobtanium tube gear (including a pair of neumann KM54s, previously used by Nils Frahm on his recordings), the sound of bardzo is not vintage: It’s timeless. Say hello to your new go-to character grand.

far out left field

a set of beautifully sampled creative preparations allows you to explore timbres that take the piano into the twilight zone. from timbres evoking a buzzy sound of a balafon, two different kinds of mallets, to playing the piano with Rods of a Marxophone - an instrument sold door-to-door in the 1920s.